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Bar & Bed is located on the the island's Ao Noi Na, which is accessible by an approximate 15-minute speed boat ride or a 30-minute ferry boat ride from Ban Phe Pier on the mainland. Guests from Koh Samed, Ban Phe, Rayong or even Pattaya, can have an ‘out-of-this-world’ blast without having to make a long journey. Driving from Bangkok to Ban Phe Pier takes just a little more than 2 hours.


Bar & Bed’s main entertainment house has been designed to give a feeling of openness, through the unique high ceiling with loft-like roof design, an architectural landmark that is observable while traveling by boat as you approach Koh Samed from Ban Phe Pier on the mainland. The structure is also set to illuminate at night, transforming the island’s charming daytime ambience into an exhilarating air of entertainment at night.


Right at the back of our bar, a cluster-style, low-rise hotel of 32 rooms awaits our guests. Lying in the midst of shady hills, all rooms are surrounded by trees and refreshing sea breeze, while the fun air from our bar remains within near walking distance.